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Ayurveda, Spa, Meditation and Rejuvenation Tour

India the land of tradition and culture has also known as a center of various ayurvedic and spa health therapies and treatments. India is the place of traditions and culture found in various form, Ayurvedic  and Spa  found in India in around 600 BC and best of medicinal approach of preventing body ailments, whilst curing them. Ayurveda and Yoga is unique branch of medicine  - a complete naturalistic system the depend on the diagnosis of our body’s humours – Vata, pitta and kapha to achieve the right balance of body for long live peace life.  The Ayurvedic principles are found in detail in Atharva Veda, one of the four Vedas of Hinduism, means the science of healthy living, derives its name from the Sanskrit words, AYUSH (LIFE) and VEDA (KNOWLEDGE). Now a days you can find number to tour packages in India related to Ayurveda, and you can have chance to meet or visit several ayrvedic centres for therapy.

A large number of Spa and Ayurveda tours are present tour catalog of Indian Holiday which can be easily picked and tailored in accordance to ones needs. These tours are planned to enhance your emotional, physical and spiritual well being and aims to create an environment that enables you to lead a healthy lifestyle. These tour are meticulously designed to meet individual needs like detoxification, cleansing, anti-aging, de-stress, weight inch loss and also provide guidance in the areas of exercise and nutrition. Right from timeless yoga practices to meditative exercises.