Union Territories

Tourism in Union Territory is all about unwrapping the wonders of seven beauty belts of union territories. With large varieties of exotic flora & fauna, crystal clear water, unexplored islands, white sand beaches, astonishing buildings, churches & temples, the union territories have the abundance of natural treasures. Packed with countless scenic delights to savour, union territories invite tourists to spend their holidays. Rich traditions, scenic landscapes, multi-ethnic cultures, amazing tribes and delightful ethnic cuisines, altogether adds richness to each union territory. Andaman Nicobar Islands - The Land of Stunning Islands / Lakshadweep - The Land of Corals / Chandigarh - The City Beautiful / Dadar & Nagar Haveli - Land of Unmatched Beauty / Pondicherry - A Spiritual Land / Daman & Diu - A Perfect Combination of Sun and White Sand / New Delhi - The Land of Architectural Grandeur.